Weird Questions About The Movie Purge If You Are Ever Going To Do It

This year instead of trust falls we’re making you all do the purge. Well don’t just stand there go purge doesn’t look like fun. So all crime is legal, I guess but you can’t harm any high-level government employee but that probably won’t affect you. Isn’t there something illegal that you always wanted to do? Well I guess I’ve always wanted to steal a car but then tomorrow I have to go to the DMV to get it registered. I guess technically you would have to register it and what about proof of insurance. Yeah do that too but the theft is legal to prove I stole it during the purge or will they just assume like what if I stole a car yesterday hypothetical.


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Just go kill someone, oh thank you for bringing up murder now hypothetically if I wanted to kill Grant right and I stab stab him just before the purge ends but he doesn’t die until after the purge over does that count. It’s that okay. What if it’s a gun what if I fire it like right is it ends. Let’s just deal with these situations if and when they come up. So I have a question cocaine is that legal? Yes yes cocaine is legal, oh cool so I don’t get addicted.  Actually that’s not how drugs work.

If the purge only happens in America does that include territories like Guam and Puerto Rico. Yeah what’s up with that I don’t know, sure follow-up what about over the international date line right. So does that mean they have purge yesterday. It’s pronounced purge what am I saying. What about Canada that’s basically America, no no it’s not about geography. Announces shot American education system or should I say Canadian Education system.


trommel fines

I can still punch them right knowing I’m not an American citizen. I have a question are there unforgivable curses from Harry Potter  and own a ferret they’re usually illegal in California. Can I marry multiple people during the purge. Do I get to stay married after I just love love. Okay everyone just do whatever you want for the next 12 hours and don’t worry about the legal minutiae. What’s going on the International Space Station. Oh god that’s partly owned by the US or citizen just part of it.  Well its actually called astronauts are called high-level government employees have you ever think of that.



trommel fines

So the purge isn’t happening on this Space Station you know I could have been an astronaut weren’t for my shotty Canadian education. Canada is not part of America. Alright what is wrong with you people. Act now any dark impulses your little twisted heart ok kill each other for all I care.

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