Top iOS And Android Games That You Need To Play

There’s an overload of brand new mobile games coming out every month and we sit through them. Here’s the best new ios and android games of January 2017 which you can pick. Just a quick note like every month will be doing a free list and also a paid list. This is the palest the free one will come in a few days.


Super Gridland if you can imagine what happens when you combine a match 3 game as well as a survival RPG then you have Super Gridland the way you progress and move and create is by matching three on the grid which probably don’t need a whole lot of explanation for but each match pushes time forward a little bit and given this a day-night cycle you have to be careful. Battle is also done in match-3 you just have to match the right pieces like a sword or a shield and really you’d be surprised how interesting and detailed this game is if you like match three puzzles but don’t just want to generic match-three puzzler you want some depth. This is where to go.



Red Kingdom which manages to be innovative and not feel like anything you’ve played before we’ll also taking cues from a lot of classic games and wrapping it up in a puzzle game what’s funny is while playing. This game I was reminded of everything from Sonic 3D Blast to the Legend of Zelda except the actual movement and controls of the game are literally nothing like either of those. It’s purely a puzzle game but comes off as almost open-world puzzling which is. So weird to say considering it’s an isometric cutesy little game the puzzle mechanics are really really good. This game comes at you with a lot of stuff that continues to build in complexity and somehow manages to feel urgent at the best times.





A Normal Lost Phone which is a very interesting game so the thing comes together in a manner that sort of places an alternate reality games and an interactive novel combined into one thing and I think that’s such a good idea. The setup is you found a lost phone and you’re trying to figure out who it is by¬† going through the text messages which is an interesting thing to do. It turns out the person went missing and because you have access all over text messages and don’t know who she is you can’t really turn it over to anybody and have them definitely figure it out you’re certainly a better digital detective than your local authorities. So it only makes sense immersive and it really takes the idea of a quote-unquote role-playing game to an interesting conclusion.




Megaman Mobile 1.6 what can I say about this that you don’t know. Alright I know some of you out there don’t know Megaman is the quintessential shooter platformer it is this series that made shooter platformers into what they are today it is brutally hard it is sometimes flawed but all six of the Megaman games which by the way you have to purchase separately for a dollar ninety-nine each just keep that in mind will keep you very very busy and very entertained for a very long time. Seriously this is one of the touchstone series of video games and if you don’t at least give these games shot you’re doing yourself a disservice.

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